Sharon, CA

I turned to NYC Art Tours an out-of-town visitor looking to maximize my visit. With only an hour to spend in Chelsea and a general guideline of my interests given to Helene, my friends and I saw the “best of the best” in a fascinating tour of 3 galleries. She not only previewed the galleries for us, she also researched the artists whose work we saw, gave us background information and provided us with an art historical perspective to give us context for our viewing. We even met with one of the artists whose work we visited. Additionally, Helene directed us to a few more venues we could explore on our own. It was time well spent. No matter how much I researched galleries in advance, there’s just no way we could have duplicated this amazing experience on our own. Helene is not only knowledgeable, she’s delightful!

Paul, DC

I took a tour of the Met and I was amazed by Helene’s knowledge and ease of locating the true gems amongst the Met's vast collection of art.  We covered a variety of art collections that spanned different generations and art styles - - the highlights for me included seeing the Roxy Paine sculpture exhibition on the roof, the new American Wing, the Temple of Dendur, and the Chinese sculpture garden Astor Court.  Helene’s friendly nature and apparent passion and energy for the art also made the experience a particularly pleasurable one.

Michelle, NY

I recently spent a spring afternoon with Helene of NycArtTours exploring the Upper East Side. As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for opportunities to inspire my students outside of the classroom. One student in particular, Al, has a strong love of drawing and visual images. Helene designed a tour specifically for us that included visits to two galleries. Both my student and I learned about the function of a gallery, different artists and art styles. Al loved the personalized attention that Helene was able to provide as she answered questions, introduced artists and shared information that was new to both of us. Our tour culminated on the lap of the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park, where we learned about the history of the Park and the sculptures adorning the Zoo. I could not have planned this day on my own- Helene's thoughtfulness and insight allowed both Al & I to share in an incredible day of art.